Remote control and monitoring system is intended for collection, transmission and analysis of data from remote controllers, as well as control trough IP network (WiMAX, WiFi, Ethernet, GPRS, 3G, 4G).

Oil production optimization in mature fields requires daily and what is even more important - fair control of technological processes of the whole oilfield system. First of all it is important for making further strategic investment decisions on optimization processes, modernization of infrastructure facilities and effectiveness of implementation of various technologies.

Our team has significant experience in the calculation of feasibility studies, development and implementation (including remote, without visiting sites) of remote monitoring and control systems to control technological process of oil and gas fields (RMC).

RMC is especially important in countries with high risks of military conflicts, epidemics, undeveloped infrastructure and shortage of local specialists.

Modern technologies of RMC allow significantly reduce costs especially in mature fields.

Our team has unique experience of implementing RMC in more than 900 wells (including off-shore) with 1300 km distance between the border points of the objects.

The cost of ownership of our technologies has been minimized and the equipment can be in operation without maintenance up to 3-5 years.