The core values of the Company are honesty, transparency and respect for people. We are strongly convinced in the importance of development of such traits as trust, team work, professional competence and pride for our activity.

These corporate values are the cornerstone of our business principles. These principles are applied to all our activities and define standards of behavior that are followed by all our employees.

Mission is the effective, responsible and profitable business in oil production – the supply of contemporary and technologically reasonable equipment to reduce costs per ton of produced fluid. The Company strives to achieve high performance in activities and ensure long-term leading market position.

Objective is to become international oil services company due to innovation products, development of services projects, establishment of assembly service base in the Republic of Kazakhstan, overseas market penetration and implementation of the best world practices in all spheres of our activities, operate without detriment to people and the environment.

The Company is liable in the following spheres:

1. Personnel

To respect rights of our Employees, to provide them with appropriate, safe and competitive labor conditions; to contribute to development and ability to fulfill their potential; to provide all Employees with equal opportunities; to stimulate participation of Employees’ in planning, management and optimization of their working process.

2. Shareholders

To protect shareholders’ investments and ensure acceptable profit rate.

3. Business Partners

To aim at mutually beneficial cooperation with Contractors, Suppliers, Partners and favour the application of these principles. The possibility of effective application of these principles is an important factor in making the decision to enter into or remain in cooperation.

4. Society

To perform the activities with regards to principles of social corporate responsibility; to follow governmental legislation and legal norms, including legal norms of governments where operation takes place; to express support of general human rights in the frame of legal business norms; to pay due attention to health, safety and environmental issues in accordance with our aim to contribute to stable development.

These four spheres of liability are considered as a single unit. Company Management must constantly assess the priorities and on the basis of this assessment perform their duties in the best way.

Health, Safety, Security, Environment Policy

Guided by the desire to contribute to sustainable development , LLC OSA applies system approach to management of health and safety, environmental safety aimed to observe Russian Legislation and constant improvement of production results.

LLC OSA requires Contractors to address health, safety and environmental issues in accordance with these principles.

In addressing these issues LLC OSA applies the same management practices as in other key activities, sets targets for operations improvement, controls, evaluates results and provides reports.

Business Integrity

The Company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness of business activities and expects the same from our business partners. The direct or indirect offer, blackmail or bribes are strictly unacceptable in any form. Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and their activities in Company business. All business transactions must be reflected accurately in the accounts of the company in accordance with established procedures and be subject to audit.


The Company supports free enterprise, aims at fair and ethical competition following regulations of antimonopoly law without prevention of free competition of other companies.

Sergey Vedernikov
General Manager
LLC Oil Services Alliance